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Meet the Artists
Blair Hess

Blair Hess was born and raised in South Florida. The majority of his artwork is inspired by his love of Florida and by his passion for Skateboarding. His contributions to the local art community, his dedicatin to bettering the youth through sharing his passions, and his works of art themselves are just a few things he is "known for" around town. As the creator of an array of art collections, Blair incorporates various mediums and styles in his art. From canvas art to upcycling old skateboard decks, and creating functional art, his one of a kind pieces are the perfect addition to any art collection.


Blair has a unique way of taking his passions and incorporating them into his art whether it be his love of skateboarding, Florida, or life as we know it. Blair is always delighted to meet art enthusiasts, explain his works, as well as, discuss the viewer's interpretations. Furthermore, as a local artist, skateboarder, and human being his ability to convey each of these passions into unique works of art allows for a spectrum of styles to fall in love with.

Matheus Campedelli

Born and raised in the vibrant city of São Paulo, Brazil, Matheus Campedelli now brings his artistic vision to the sunny shores of South Florida. Renowned for pushing the boundaries of abstract and psychedelic art, Campedelli's work is a feast for the eyes, captivating and mesmerizing all who encounter it. Utilizing a blend of acrylic and oil paints, along with intricate collages, he crafts a unique and mind-bending style that is impossible to overlook.

In his earlier works, Campedelli masterfully blended shapes and colors, weaving together body parts and animals into a seamless and harmonious whole. This distinctive approach is showcased brilliantly in the wall mural of Dream Addiction, where his imaginative fusion of elements creates a stunning visual narrative.

Lee2Tall (1).jpeg

Growing up in the culturally rich environment of South Florida, with a Jamaican heritage, Lee seamlessly blends art and music to create captivating works that resonate across generations. His pieces celebrate the timeless nature of both art and music, inviting viewers to engage in conversations that transcend age and background.

From an early age, Lee exhibited a profound artistic spirit, beginning with simple stick figures and evolving into intricate figure drawings. His work often captures the essence of people in motion or individuals who hold significant roles in pop culture or sports, making his art deeply relatable.

Lee's creativity knows no bounds, as he passionately paints, sketches, and animates, maintaining an open artistic palette. A recurring theme in his work is the spirit of family, often depicted through scenes like a mother and her son, reflecting the familial bonds that inspire his creations.

PHOTO-2024-05-19-18-00-57 (1).jpg

Born and raised in Santa Catarina, Brazil, Lara Matos began her artistic journey at the young age of 12, holding her first exhibition while still in elementary school. Her passion for art continued to grow, and after finishing high school, she expanded her reach by producing videos showcasing her work, sharing her talent with audiences across Brazil.

In August 2023, Lara moved to the United States, driven by a desire to inspire even more people with her art. Motivated by curiosity and a constant pursuit of new techniques, she believes that artistic freedom is the cornerstone of her identity. This philosophy enables her to create unique pieces that weave together stories and emotions, captivating viewers with their depth and originality.

image0 (1).jpeg

"Whether you are just viewing my pieces or they resonate with you, I appreciate you more than words <3 You matter, you are important and most of all I love you!"

- Gabriela

Gabriela Rincon (also known as KapalielaMalia) is a

Venezuelan American artist born and raised in Delray Beach, Florida. Her art is inspired by the world around her and the emotions they can bring up. Travel and Synesthesia* are both at the forefront of most of the work she creates, which is something she plans to focus on while she continues to study for a career in Art Therapy. This all goes hand in hand because she believes travel is a necessity when figuring out who you are in this world and the role it can play in your mental health.


The collection you are seeing is acrylic on canvas, but she is a multimedia artist focusing on photography, rendering of collages, murals, and more. Gabriela encourages you to share what you see, think, and feel when looking at her works.


*synesthesia: is when your brain routes sensory information through multiple unrelated senses, causing you to experience more than one sense simultaneously.

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