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Small Island

Deep Into The Roots
Island Cleanup

People partying

Deep Into the Roots was a project created with the purpose of bringing together a group of likeminded people to camp, party and participate in our biggest island cleanup to date. This group effort allowed us to spend 3 days on one of the remote Spoil Islands in the Indian River Lagoon, backcountry camping, listening to the best local techno and trance and of course, continuing to Leave No Trace along the way.

This project was made possible with the collective efforts of us at Dream Addiction and our low BPM Techno “Hakuna Matata” stage as well as @mahatmatranceusa & @synchrodelic, who brought the high BPM Psy/Trance “Psychedelic Oasis” stage to the island.

In the end, we managed to put our basic wilderness survival skills to the test, dance until our feet could no longer stomp the sandy ground, and collect over 10 bags full of trash that had been collecting on the island from previous campers. We would like to thank everyone who participated in our biggest cleanup effort yet, we really could not have dragged all of those trash bags off the island without you!

Back from the Roots

As a thank you for everyone's hard work and dedication during the island gathering, we decided to bring everyone together one more time for the Back from the Roots party.

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