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As you walk into our social club, please take some time to notice and appreciate the art around you. All of our art installations were created by local artists who were kind enough to display some of their best work within the walls of Dream Addiction. 

Here you can learn more about each of these talented individuals and stay up to date on their most recent projects.

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Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 5.33.46 PM.png

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, this redheaded artist who now resides in sunny South Florida has been known to push the boundaries of abstract and psychedelic art. Working mainly with a combination of acrylic paints and collages, Campedelli creates an extremely unique and brain melting style of art that certainly does not go unnoticed.


In some of his earlier pieces, the artist would smoothly blend shapes and colors, creating a mixture of body parts and animals to gradually turn into one cohesive piece. This particular style of art can be seen on the wall mural of Dream Addiction.

Matheu Campedelli
Julia Resende
Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 5.34.30 PM.png


An up and coming artist in the world of psychedelic art, Julia explores the intricacies of animation by bestowing human features on inanimate objects. A woman of many talents, Resende brings her experience as a tattoo artist and body piercer to the table, intertwining her love of art and spreading it across many different mediums. 

Julia’s creative genius can be observed on our wall mural at dream addiction as well as in her collaboration with Campedelli where she exhibits a more realistic design in her elaborate leaf art.

The Mural

the Mural

Julia and Matheus are now working together on a 6ft. x 20ft. mural at our very own social club in Boca Raton, where the two decided to contrast the black walls that surround the place with very colorful drawings, bringing out the very best of the two artists the boring white canvas is slowly becoming a masterpiece.

Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 10.56.13 PM.png

Our local artists revel in expanding their horizons, so in a joined effort with the Dream Addiction lighting and technical team, they were able to bring their art to life by manipulating the ambient lights to work in contrast with the color of the acrylic on the wall. To fully experience this immersive art installation, we recommend you become a member and bear witness to this spectacle up close and personal. For now, here is a sneak peak of what awaits our members at the Dream Addiction Social Club.

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