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Social Club

Our cozy take on a traditional Lounge. Connect with likeminded people, enjoy live art and music, work on your computer, play some games, watch a movie, anything! Whether you’re on a night out with friends or just trying to chill out, you’re always welcome to spend the evening with us.

What are we up to?

Lounge Bar

The lounge bar offers a variety of drinks and snacks to keep the munchies away.


Being located in sunny Florida has its advantages, let’s go out in the wild!

Live Music

With instruments spread all over the lounge, impromptu live performances may occur.

Hanging Out

After all, this is a place to just lounge and hang out, make some friends while you’re at it ;)

Our cozy lounge accomodates:

Check out some of the events we've hosted so far:

*not including members-only events ;)


Check out a few of the ways we get people out in the wild!