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Lost Tapes

This Party Purpose

Welcome to The Chan Chan Lost Tapes, a party with a purpose! We are thrilled to have you join us for this special event, where we will be raising funds for a worthy cause while having a great time.

Our party is in support of Esperanza de La Selva, a Peruvian association that is dedicated to providing affordable plant medicine and treatments to struggling families in Peru. This organization is doing important work to improve the health and well-being of communities in need, and we are proud to support their efforts.

The Lost Tapes

The Lost City of Chan Chan was an ancient civilization located in Peru that was known for its elaborate buildings and intricate system of irrigation. It was said to be a place of great power and mystery, with secrets hidden within its walls that had remained hidden for centuries. ​ But no one knew the true extent of the secrets that lay within Chan Chan until the lost tapes were discovered. It was said that the tapes contained recordings of strange rituals and dark incantations that had been performed within the city's walls. ​ The tapes were discovered by a group of archaeologists who were exploring the ruins of Chan Chan. They had heard rumors of strange noises and ghostly apparitions that were said to haunt the city, and they were determined to uncover the truth. ​ As they delved deeper into the ruins, they stumbled upon a hidden chamber that contained a dusty old cassette player and a stack of tapes. As they listened to the tapes, they were terrified by the sounds that emerged from the speakers. ​ During this event we'll be revealing the contents of those tapes...

Esperanza de La Selva

The Party Purpose

(Hope of the Jungle)


Esperanza de La Selva is a Peruvian association that is dedicated to providing affordable plant medicine and natural care to struggling families in Peru. Founded by Roli Rodriguez Augustín, a skilled herbalist and healer, Esperanza de La Selva is a beacon of hope for those who are unable to afford traditional medical treatment and must rely on the power of nature to heal their ailments.

Our dear friend Devin McCandless who will be there to assist on distributing the donated funds, as well as assisting on infrastructure construction projects, interviewed the founder. Below you can read more on the association from Roli's words (translated from spanish). 

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-05 at 11.30.47 AM.jpeg

Founder Roli Rodriguez and children of families under treatement pose in front of recently renovated lodging house.

A Few Words From the Founder

Our Peruvian non-profit organization, "Esperanza de la Selva" (Hope of the Jungle), was founded with the purpose of helping and supporting the people of native communities that surround us in our region. We aim to preserve indigenous culture through various programs that distance themselves from the destructive influence of modern and dominant economic structures in the Amazon.

The organization includes programs such as reforestation of medicinal plants and trees, medical treatment with the use of ancestral plants, and teachings/trainings on the power and importance of ancestral plants.

Our Mission: To provide adequate medical attention with the use of ancestral plants to all people of low-economic backgrounds. To treat all illnesses, both physical and spiritual, and in that way decrease suffering and struggle to maintain health, hope, happiness, and strength to push forward towards a better future for their families. Seeing the need to obtain medicinal plants to treat illnesses, our organization, Esperanza de La Selva, took the initiative in our own garden to replant plants and trees daily.

Our Vision: To help people on a day-to-day basis by providing good-quality medical treatment through the use of ancestral plants and to reach every community with the initiative to train, teach, and maintain the customs from our ancestors to treat ailments with medicinal plants. The organization hopes to teach the younger generations to keep and care for the plants necessary for medical treatment. Our organization has the vision to take initiative in valuing and taking care of plants, to plant the seed of initiative in each community and in this way eliminate suffering and struggle to be healthy in each community. Esperanza de la Selva also has the vision to reach everyone else through the use of plants, to teach the value of staying healthy through the use of medicinal plants, and to teach everyone about the power of each plant in the physical and spiritual treatment of people.

How You can help

There are two main ways to help:

  • Attending the event

  • Donating directly to the GoFundMe fundraiser

If you would like to get involved with future efforts, you may reach out to Devin McCandless on instagram for more information.

Helping us Bridge the Gap

Nomadic Souljournz


by: Devin McCandless

Nomadic Souljournz is an American organization led by our dear friend Devin McCandless that offers unique and immersive Ayahuasca Plant Medicine retreats in Peru, as well as guiding individuals or groups to magical locations, to meet amazing people and cultures, while sharing one of a kind experiences that speak to the soul and offer opportunities for those seeking to get involved and be of service, and to give back to others along their Soul's Journey. 

Providing a safe and supportive environment for personal growth and transformation, Nomadic Souljournz brings together experienced facilitators, traditional healers, and skilled professionals to lead powerful and transformative ayahuasca and plant medicine ceremonies. Whether you are seeking healing, insight, or a deeper connection to your soul and the world around you, Nomadic Souljournz's retreats offer a unique opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

With a strong commitment to supporting local communities, Nomadic Souljournz has established a close partnership with Esperanza de La Selva. Through this partnership, Nomadic Souljournz is able to not only provide much needed support to the local community, but also to offer its participants the opportunity to learn about and engage with traditional plant medicine practices.

If you would like to get involved with future efforts, you may reach out to Devin McCandless on instagram for more information.

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